Decoding the UNID for the Lotus Notes Management Agent

First here is some background on the issue at hand. I am not a big fan of Lotus Notes, and having to synchronize data with the built in management agent for MIIS/ILM/FIM has brought me my share of joyful moments.

Over the years, while monitoring an MA connection to a Lotus Notes database, I would occasionally see discovery errors saying “missing-dn”, and some details about the error.   Discovery errors are very bad on connected systems since they affect other aspects of the synchronization process for that MA, so they need to be resolved as quickly as possible.

When you click on the error you are presented with the information below:


The error information would provide you the UNID of the record that is missing the DN.   The Lotus Notes MA [click to continue…]


Updated GeoTrust RootCA certificate for the Droid2 Android phone

I had recently swapped from a Motorola Droid1 to a Motorola Droid2, and was hit with an issue that was a bit perplexing.

It seems that accessing services (Citrix) and sites which use an SSL certificate issued by GeoTrust, resulted in notification that the the RootCA is not trusted.  These same sites and services worked fine on my Droid1, so something must be different with the default certificates that were shipped with the devices.

The certificates that are currently installed on the phone are found in the systemetcsecuritycacerts.bks file. [click to continue…]


Zune comes to Xbox

With the 2010 fall Xbox update, it looks like Microsoft is finally bringing the Zune music experience to Xbox.

Zune is one of my favorite services that I’d really love to see expanded from it’s current market, and hopefully coming to Xbox might clue people into how much better a music rental service can be.   Ideally, I’d like to see the service be available for devices other than Microsoft (Zune HD,  Windows Phone 7,  Xbox, Windows, etc.) such as Android, but I don’t think we can expect that anytime soon.

Looks like IGN already posted a better introductory video:


Droid with a taste of Froyo

This morning I woke up to see that apparently a ROM of Android 2.2 (FroYo) had been released by the Android community.

After backing up by current ROM, I installed FroYo with great success!

As you can see from the Quadrant benchmarks below, that FroYo brings great performance benefits. I have the 1.2ghz P3 Kernel installed when this screenshot was taken.

So far everything works once you install a kernel that supports WiFi.  If you are feeling adventurous,   follow the links below.

Also be aware that you might need to use Titanium Backup to force apps to install to SD until more applications build in support for this feature.


How to force checking for updates on Android devices

While waiting for the Verizon 2.1 (AP: ESE81/BP: C_01.3E.03P ) Droid update that was released today, I stumbled upon this little nugget of information on a forum.

Normally your phone has a process which checks for pending updates every xx hours, but what if you want to force the device to check for updates immediately?   A trick I had used was to set the time 24 hours in advance manually to trigger the OTA check, but this is a much easier way.

  1. Open the standard Android Phone (Dialer) application
  2. Enter *#*#checkin#*#* on the dialer keypad ( *#*#2432546#*#*)
  3. On the last entry of the *, your phone will pause while it is checking for updates.
  4. Once it has completed, you will see a yellow exclamation icon in the notification (or different icon depending on your installed theme) bar letting you know that checkin has been completed and if an update exists you should be notified.
  5. It also appears that Market updates are also rechecked as part of this process, so any new updated applications will also notify you to upgrade your applications


This has been shown to work on 2.1 (Eclair), 2.2 (FroYo), and 2.3 (Gingerbread).  However,  not all custom phone dialers support the codes, so try to use the stock Android dialer if you have multiple installed.  The stock dialer is the one that ships on Google experience devices like the Nexus One, Nexus S, or Droid1.


Enabling SPNEGO Logging in Windows

While troubleshooting a Sharepoint Kerberos/SPNEGO issue, I came across a post here which mentions enabling of logging of the SPNEGO process.

This is supported on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2.  Apparently it might also work with a checked build of lsasrv.dll on Windows XP.

Steps to enable SPNego Logging:

Save the below text with .reg file extension and then execute the file to import its contents into registry. This would create lsass.log file under %windir%system32 directory.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

I would recommend making a backup of those keys before hand, since you will want to turn off this logging after you have resolved your issue.

This is the first I have heard of this key “SPMInfoLevel”, and unfortunately searching around, the above post is the only reference I find for it.  If anyone comes across more information on it, please post a comment.


Graffiti CMS is now Open Source!

As promised by @Scott GraffitiCMS is now Open Source!

You can find details around Graffiti here. The new Codeplex project is also live here.

Now, let’s see what the community can do, and how painful it might be to migrate back from WordPress.


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Browser Issue with Verizon Droid 2.0.1 Update

It appears there maybe an issue cropping up on Droids which have the 2.0.1 Android update that is rolling out now OTA.

While the overall performance of the Droid is improved with this update, it seems that using the browser is having performance issues when browsing certain sites. It does not appear to be all sites, so it’s hard to track down the exact common issue between them.

I made a quick video showing the scrolling issue and laggy performance on some sites. Some people in the community believe it might be related to how 2.0.1 patched the bug with an update to HTMLViewer.apk related to anti-aliasing.

Update: After some comments on this video,  I decided to Factory Reset my Droid through the Boot-X menu, and I still have the Browser Lag with the reset 2.0.1 so that should eliminate any interaction of installed apps.

You can read about the issue, and if you feel it’s important please login to Google and star the issue to bring it to Google’s attention at this link:

Google Issue 5286: Browser lags when scrolling after 2.0.1 Update on Motorola DROID

Update:  Many people have been saying to just use the Dolphin Browser, but Dolphin uses the same rendering libraries so it will also be affected by this.  I imagine any application which is using the libraries (GMail, Twidroid, etc.) would be affected.  This is going to become a bigger issue as more people receive the OTA update, so we need to get awareness about it out there.

For more information on the 2.0.1 update please see my post Verizon releases OTA update for the Motorola Droid


Verizon releases OTA update for the Motorola Droid

Verizon Posted System Update information for the droid:

Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce new software enhancements for your DROID by Motorola smartphone. The Droid by Motorola software version AP:ESD56/BP:C_01.3E.01P update includes numerous improvements.

The following enhancements to the Droid by Motorola have been made:

[click to continue…]


GraffitiCMS to go Open Source

According to Telligent’s Scott Watermasysk (@scottw),  GraffitiCMS is going to be announced as Open Source Software (OSS) this coming December.

ScottW Tweet about GraffitiCMS going OSS

ScottW Tweet about GraffitiCMS going OSS


I am happy to announce GraffitiCMS will be released as open source on Dec 11, 2009. More info will be posted as the date nears.

I really did like GraffitiCMS, but Telligent’s lack of communication really soured me, and others on the future of the product.

I think it’s good that Telligent decided to put the code in the public if they felt they could not support the product itself in house.  I really do hope that the community can embrace it, and build a good ASP.NET platform for people wishing to deploy their own sites.


It looks like it won’t take long for those using GraffitiCMS to try and organize with forward looking conversations of what can be done with GraffitiCMS based upon the threads at the GraffitiCMS forum.  Good luck guys!