It appears there maybe an issue cropping up on Droids which have the 2.0.1 Android update that is rolling out now OTA.

While the overall performance of the Droid is improved with this update, it seems that using the browser is having performance issues when browsing certain sites. It does not appear to be all sites, so it’s hard to track down the exact common issue between them.

I made a quick video showing the scrolling issue and laggy performance on some sites. Some people in the community believe it might be related to how 2.0.1 patched the bug with an update to HTMLViewer.apk related to anti-aliasing.

Update: After some comments on this video,  I decided to Factory Reset my Droid through the Boot-X menu, and I still have the Browser Lag with the reset 2.0.1 so that should eliminate any interaction of installed apps.

You can read about the issue, and if you feel it’s important please login to Google and star the issue to bring it to Google’s attention at this link:

Google Issue 5286: Browser lags when scrolling after 2.0.1 Update on Motorola DROID

Update:  Many people have been saying to just use the Dolphin Browser, but Dolphin uses the same rendering libraries so it will also be affected by this.  I imagine any application which is using the libraries (GMail, Twidroid, etc.) would be affected.  This is going to become a bigger issue as more people receive the OTA update, so we need to get awareness about it out there.

For more information on the 2.0.1 update please see my post Verizon releases OTA update for the Motorola Droid