According to Telligent’s Scott Watermasysk (@scottw),  GraffitiCMS is going to be announced as Open Source Software (OSS) this coming December.

ScottW Tweet about GraffitiCMS going OSS
ScottW Tweet about GraffitiCMS going OSS


I am happy to announce GraffitiCMS will be released as open source on Dec 11, 2009. More info will be posted as the date nears.

I really did like GraffitiCMS, but Telligent’s lack of communication really soured me, and others on the future of the product.

I think it’s good that Telligent decided to put the code in the public if they felt they could not support the product itself in house.  I really do hope that the community can embrace it, and build a good ASP.NET platform for people wishing to deploy their own sites.


It looks like it won’t take long for those using GraffitiCMS to try and organize with forward looking conversations of what can be done with GraffitiCMS based upon the threads at the GraffitiCMS forum.  Good luck guys!