Some have noticed that the Zune HD has a screen flickering issue while browsing content over WiFi.   I originally thought my Zune might be defective, but from the number of users who have reported the issue, it might just be normal with the OLED screen.  It really doesn’t seem to be a problem, and you quickly don’t notice that it’s there, so I would not say it’s a major issue.

Since others have said they have not seen it on theirs, I took some quick video of it appearing on mine, which is running firmware 4.1.  I apologize for the auto focus of my camera during the video, as it kept wanting to focus on my fingers while I was scrolling.

If you own a Zune HD,  is this happening for you?  Is it “Normal”, or is it a defect?  Post a comment below and let me know what you think.