Years ago when Windows 2000 was in beta I knew it was about time I would have to learn scripting in vbScript, and for years I found it very useful.   Then I felt I had to learn .NET and switched to using c# for everything, as it offers many things that were not possible in VBS and now I can barely read vbScript!

I’ve been putting off really focusing on PowerShell until the 2.0 release, but with the Powershell libraries for Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM) 2007 being released I think it’s time I put more effort into learn PS.  I’ve been using some nice PS commandlets on and off, but I want to delve deeper into what it might offer for automation without the overhead.

The Cmdlets seem focused on basic tasks so far, but hopefully we will see more functionality added in later releases:

  • Import-MIISServerConfig – Imports the Server Config files
  • Set-MIISADMAConfiguration – Manages Credentials on an ADMA
  • Set-MIISExtMAConfiguration – Manages Credentials on an EXTMA

thanks Tomek for bringing it to my attention

Interesting enough,  we do not see Powershell for ILMv2 being talked about yet, but I assume this story will start to take shape as it gets closer to RTM. The quick reference guide for these CMDlets refer to “ILM 2”, even though it does say it’s for ILM 2007. Since ILMv2 Sync Services are very similar to ILM2007,  I suspect these will still be usable.