It appears that today,  at midnight,  Zune30’s froze, rebooted, and appear locked up.   I have 2 30gb which are showing this issue, but my 80gb Zune is doing just fine.

The issue appears to have been resolved as per below.

Not good for Zune.  Not good for Microsoft…

People on the Zune.Net forums are reporting that opening the case, and detaching the battery to reset the device seems to work, but this is not an acceptable workaround.

Update:  Posting in the Zune.Net forum by MS suggest that a “plan” will be forthcoming in the next 24 hours.  A Zune representative is posting info here

Update2:  Looks like this will resolve itself once 01/01/2009 hits and the clock flips over as it’s a bug with the clock chip on the Zune30. Check out the post here for the official response.

Update3: As MS predicted, once the Zune’s internal clock flipped to 01/01/2009 the Zune booted up without issue.

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