Well look what Long found here.  Just this weekend I was complaining (quietly…to myself…) that I was running out of room on my 80gb Zune, so maybe this is a sign.  I tend to listen to live DJ sets which can be 2-6 hours long, which as you can imagine can take up a large amount of space on the Zune.   I wonder what the “Sweet” spot really is for my collection of music and podcasts, as every time I get a larger player, I always seem to get more music.  Do I really need to have it all with me at all times anyway?

The Zune Marketplace makes it almost too easy to just keep downloading music, that I find myself tagging tracks I don’t like (with the broken heart!) so they get removed, instead of tagging tracks I do like so they stay.

So with this little device appearing out of the shadows,  it might signal that there will not be a major revision for the Zune this holiday season?   I’m really hoping to see a “Hybrid” device which has both buttons and a touch screen from future Zunes, so this might be what we have until the next generation.

According the Long, it’s specs are identical to the current 80gb Zune, with the exception of the larger hard drive.


Here is the link to the FCC Report for those interested: PDF

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