I hope it’s not often that one can relate a messaging platform from Microsoft, with a disposable tissue from the Kimberly-Clark company.  It appears that “Exchange” maybe making in roads into our genericized vocabulary similar to how “Kleenex”, “Coke”, and “Tivo” are used when referring to Tissues, Cola based soft drinks, and Digital Video Recorders (DVR).

exchangeforusAfter reading a post on Tim Heur’s Method ~of~ Failure blog, where he mentions that Apple is using the slogan of “Exchange for the rest of us”  when referring to their latest MobileMe service, you would believe that everyone knows what “Exchange” is.

Microsoft’s Exchange platform provides Email, Calendar services Contact management, and Task management for many large enterprises, and hosted providers today.   One of the benefits is it’s ability to be accessed from a desktop application, web based client, or mobile devices which have licensed the ActiveSync technology (Apple’s iPhone, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Devices, Nokia’s Symbian based phones, etc.) while keeping all of your data in sync.

With the rise Rim’s Blackberry platform, business and casual users have gotten a taste of mobile access to their schedules and emails via “Push” technologies so they are always in sync no matter where they are.

The Exchange platform provides push mail which will be usable on many devices (Unlike Apple’s MobileMe which appears to be iPhone Specific for mobile devices), allowing more people to experience the always connected (for good, or bad) access to their digital communications.

It’s not just about getting your email from many devices which many solutions rely on the IMAP protocol for, but keeping your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks in sync when accessing from a variety of different clients.  Microsoft recently announced it’s Microsoft Online hosted Exchange platform offering, so we could see the rise in people subscribing to get all of the benefits for their new iPhone over the next few months if they offer a consumer pricing tier.

So with the high numbers of deployments of Exchange in the enterprise, connectivity from mobile devices, and now the association with Apple’s iPhone, will “Exchange” become a common term for always on, always up to date, digital communication information?  I have yet to see someone say “Domino for the rest of us”, so maybe Exchange is destined to be known by all, even if they don’t know all the technology behind it.

Just for fun, I put in “Exchange”, “Domino” and “Kleenex” into Facebook’s Lexicon application, which tracks word usage of Facebook user’s posts to the Wall system.  Of course, they could have been talking about the “Stock Exchange”, or needed to “Exchange some shoes”, so I wouldn’t say it was accurate :)  Silly I know…


And the same keywords on IceRocket’s Blog tracking word analysis:

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