This morning I was excited to see a tweet that the XNA games studio 3.0 CTP is out.  With the tweet, came the reminder to make sure you read the accompanying README information.

So after folloing the link to the download site, I find this in the readme:

1.1.1. Zune Development Is Not Supported on 64-Bit Operating Systems

The XNA Game Studio 3.0 (Preview) does not support development of games for Zune if XNA Game Studio 3.0 (Preview) is installed on a 64-bit operating system such as Windows XP Pro x64 Edition or the x64 versions of Windows Vista®.

Doh!  All of my home machines are running on Windows x64 editions!  So no Zune game development for me until they release a version that is x64 compatible (or if I "borrow" my wife’s machine which is on 32bit). According to the XNA Team Blog, 64bit will be supported in RTM.  I wonder if this also means that I can’t load games from others onto my Zune as well, even if I can’t compile them.

In all fairness,  it is a Community Technology Preview (CTP), but it would be nice to have all the features available on both x32 and x64 based OS’s, especially in this day and age where 64bit has gained a lot of traction.

Also to note, that this CTP does not support targeting the Xbox 360 as well, but it will in the final release.

Here is a video of what development for the Zune would be like with the CTP though.


Indeed, I cannot load games from Vista x64 onto my Zune.  The XNA device manager throws an exception due to missing assemblies, which I sort of expected anyway.  Oh well.  I did take the time to write my first XNA game on Windows though, so all is not lost.  So XNA 3.0 installs and compiles Windows games just fine, but the XNA device manager used to load games onto Zune/Xbox is borked for x64.

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