Who would have thought that the people would get so excited about statistics, but it appears people are chomping at the bit to try out Woopra web analytics from the comments and forum posts. (yes, I am one of the guilty…)

Today is the day that Woopra has announced they would start a mass activation of pending approvals to use the new version of their innovate platform for gleaning information about web users.

I had first applied to Woopra when I posted about Analytics for Blogs, and have been in "pending" s tatus ever since then.  As geeky as it sounds, I am quite curious how well this new platform compares to Clicky, or Google Analytics for this site.

Clicky has a great "Spy" feature which shows you real-time hits and details about your visitors.  Woopra promises to provide that and more including Chat with your visitors as well, which is a bit odd perhaps.   I don’t know what my visitors would think if I just started a chat session out of the blue with them.  It reminds me of the old BBS days where the SYSOP could break in for a chat with the caller, which tended me scare the bejeezus out of me at 3am. 🙂

Some screen shots of their interface:

 I’m even holding out on posting other blog posts until I can use Woopra, just so I can see how it displays the traffic the posts get. 🙂

Update: This Site is now live with Woopra Stats!  Please visit my video review of the service