I came across a post about inability for Windows Server and IIS not being able to handle web sites with large amounts of traffic for Internet companies from a CNN Talkback article.   Of course this is definitely FUD, as some of the big web site names with large volumes of traffic currently run on the Microsoft platforms.

So using Netcraft.com, I thought of some common sites which are popular in peoples minds, and went to see what web server they were running on as of today.  It’s not meant to be a ranking, as I don’t know the true traffic numbers, but just an idea of what "big" sites actually use IIS.


Site Web Server
www.myspace.com Microsoft-IIS/6.0
www.ebay.com Microsoft-IIS/5.0
www.nasdaq.com Microsoft-IIS/6.0
www.hotmail.com Microsoft-IIS/6.0
www.godaddy.com Microsoft-IIS/6.0
www.dell.com Microsoft-IIS/6.0
www.budweiser.com Microsoft-IIS/6.0
www.newsgator.com Microsoft-IIS/6.0
www.usatoday.com Microsoft-IIS/6.0
www.continental.com Microsoft-IIS/6.0
www.newegg.com Microsoft-IIS/6.0


If you notice that on the OS listings for some of these sites, they list items such as Linux or F5 Big-IP, which maybe load balancer or caching appliances in front of the sites.

Oh and check out the session on "The Megasite: Infrastructure for Internet Scale" from MIX2007 focusing on Myspace.com

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