So it finally happened.   My launch timeframe Microsoft Xbox 360 finally gave up the ghost and gave me the old Red Ring of Death failure stink eye.  I had to say I was kind of relieved since I expected it to happen at some point, due to the expected failure rate of the launch timeframe units.  I would rather it happen under the extended warranty period, than days after it had expired.

I have to say it was a pretty painless experience, and much better than some of the forums had made it out to be.   The ease of submitting the service request on the Xbox Service site, to the UPS box arriving a short while later, and then the quick turn around once it arrived at the service center.   The longest waiting period was the unit being in transit because of the ground shipping, which Microsoft footed the bill for.  So a total of 21 days from failure, to working Xbox, which is not bad by some of the horror stories I was hearing.  It came with 1 Month Xbox Live Gold Code, and added an additional 1 year on the warranty.  So yeah there were problems with the Xbox, but Microsoft stepped up the plate and did what it could to correct the machines in the channel, so I give them credit for that.




A few of my friends had theirs fail, and then had their replacements also fail sometime later.  At least if that happens to me, I already have the box to ship it back 🙂



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