I saw a post touting the Ipad2 SunSpider JavaScript test results which mentioned wanting to run the same tests on the Motorola Xoom running Android Honeycomb.

Ipad Sunspider Results

As you can see the results of the Xoom running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) achieving 2083ms,  is faster than the iPad2 achieving 2097ms by a very small margin.  I’ve run the test several times with a score ranging from 2046ms-2100ms to be fair, as I am not sure how how they came to the numbers provider in the original blog post.  It wasn’t mentioned how many times CNET[CNET article was pulled?] ran the test and if the results were averaged.

I took the original numbers from the post and added the Xoom to the chart for a comparison.

Sunspider results chart for Xoom and iPad
Sunspider results chart for Xoom and iPad

The Javascript Sunspider tests javascript performance on the device, which in todays Javascript heavy web applications would show a real world effect for end users.   These devices while certainly faster than previous generations,  are still slower than a laptop though.   When I ran the tests on my 2010 MacBook Pro,  the scores were in the 400-500ms range for the same tests.   It will be interesting to see what other benchmarks will compare these 2 titans of the tablet generation in the coming weeks.

I think these 2 devices are very close in performance specs, which should make the transition between ecosystems easier on application developers.  I suspect the Ipad2’s A5 shares some of the same logic of the Tegra2, since they may both be based on the Cortex A9 architecture.   Though,  for the Ipad2 being a “custom” designed chipset, and tightly coupled to the IOS software,  I would have expected it to be beat the Xoom by a greater margin, which isn’t the case here.




SunSpider Xoom Test Results

RESULTS (means and 95% confidence intervals)
Total:                 2083.5ms +/- 0.9%

  3d:                   319.7ms +/- 0.6%
    cube:               117.0ms +/- 0.6%
    morph:              105.7ms +/- 1.5%
    raytrace:            97.0ms +/- 0.9%

  access:               205.8ms +/- 0.6%
    binary-trees:        14.1ms +/- 5.6%
    fannkuch:            82.3ms +/- 0.4%
    nbody:               82.7ms +/- 1.6%
    nsieve:              26.7ms +/- 1.8%

  bitops:               159.6ms +/- 3.5%
    3bit-bits-in-byte:   14.3ms +/- 2.4%
    bits-in-byte:        28.7ms +/- 1.7%
    bitwise-and:         50.5ms +/- 10.6%
    nsieve-bits:         66.1ms +/- 0.9%

  controlflow:           13.0ms +/- 3.7%
    recursive:           13.0ms +/- 3.7%

  crypto:               124.7ms +/- 3.2%
    aes:                 48.0ms +/- 2.4%
    md5:                 39.7ms +/- 5.4%
    sha1:                37.0ms +/- 4.4%

  date:                 292.5ms +/- 1.6%
    format-tofte:        98.8ms +/- 1.2%
    format-xparb:       193.7ms +/- 2.1%

  math:                 200.1ms +/- 3.6%
    cordic:              72.5ms +/- 1.4%
    partial-sums:        94.1ms +/- 8.1%
    spectral-norm:       33.5ms +/- 2.9%

  regexp:               122.4ms +/- 1.1%
    dna:                122.4ms +/- 1.1%

  string:               645.7ms +/- 1.2%
    base64:              34.9ms +/- 5.7%
    fasta:               80.7ms +/- 3.9%
    tagcloud:           191.4ms +/- 3.0%
    unpack-code:        221.2ms +/- 0.9%
    validate-input:     117.5ms +/- 1.2%
Motorola Xoom SunSpider Java Results on Android Honeycomb
Motorola Xoom SunSpider Java Results on Android Honeycomb