I had recently updated one of my machines to use Windows Vista x64 and have been loving it so far.  The one black spot (except the resolved Cisco VPN issue) on my experience has been Lotus Sametime 7.5.1, as it has been an elusive gremlin for working.

It would install, and run fine for a few minutes, but then crash hard.  It would crash with a Java error, and a VC++ error which confused matters since I was not sure which was truely to blame. After searching the web, I did find a post on IBM’s support site saying it was NOT supported on x64, which was disapointing.

Yet, this didn’t make sense, because it DID work for a few weeks, but what caused it to stop?   Apparently when I re-installed SQL Server 2005 Management studio, it also installed the VC++ 2005 runtime, which I had previously did not have a need for since I already had VC++ 2008 (x64) installed (from Visual Studio 2008).   So being curious,  I downloaded the lateast VC++ 2008 redistributable, installed it, and Sametime no longer crashes!

So, if you are running Windows Vista x64, and need to run Lotus Sametime 7.5.1,  try using the latest VC++ 2008 code to see if it resolves your issue.  So now there really is not much I can’t run on x64, but it does take some research to get some stubborn apps to run correctly.


It appears I am totally wrong, as Sametime continues to crash.   I removed the VC++ entirely, since I don’t think sametime has any use for it.  Very strange how installing it yesterday allowed me to use Sametime all day without issue though.   Sametime is still Lametime I’m afraid 🙁

Update 2:

Sametime 8.0.1 installs just fine on Windows Vista x64 SP1