Today at Mobile World Congress (also known as 3GSM), Torch Mobile released their Webkit based browser known as the Iris Browser for Windows Mobile 6.   This is the same engine that much praised Safari browser for the Apple iPhone is built upon, so I am hoping this shares the love with the Windows Mobile world.

I was able to install it on my Windows Mobile 5 based Smartphone (PN820) but it won’t run as expected.   I hope to convince my wife to let me install it on her WinMo6 based Samsung i760 tonight thought to check it out.

Some of the features are listed as:

WebKit Rendering Engine

Our developers have unparalleled expertise with WebKit, the rendering engine that is quickly becoming the de facto standard for cutting edge Web browsing. We built the Iris Browser to bring you everything that WebKit has to offer, including standards-compliance, efficiency, portability and stability.


Customizable Interface

The graphical user interface of the Iris Browser is highly customizable. This means that we can adapt it to your specific requirements.


Touch Screen Control

The Iris Browser is equipped with intuitive touch screen controls, giving you more control than ever over your Web browsing experience without making you navigate complicated menus.


Advanced HTML & CSS Support

We believe in being ahead of the curve. That’s why the Iris Browser supports both HTML 4 and HTML 5 (canvass), as well as CSS 2.x and 3.x, allowing you to view cutting edge Web sites with exciting new features.
Devices are shipped all over the world. Your software shouldn’t limit your market. The Iris Browser supports internationalization of the user interface and viewing Web sites with international encodings.


Zoom & Tap Function

The Iris Browser lets you focus on what you want to see. When you view a Web site, you’re looking at the full page that is shrunk down to fit the size of your display. Nothing is missing. You can focus on what interests you by tapping on the screen and zooming into specific sections of the page.
Multiple Windows and Tabs
You want your Web browsing experience to be smooth and simple, so we designed the Iris Browser to support multiple windows as well as multiple tabs, allowing you to easily transition between Web pages.


Input Methods

The Iris Browser can handle any input method that’s on your platform.
Handwriting recognition. On-screen keyboards. iTap. Auto-complete. No problem!


Software mouse cursor

Not all Web pages are created equal. In fact, some are impossible to navigate without a mouse cursor. The virtual mouse in the Iris Browser lets you chart your own Web experience through all sites, giving you the freedom to take a desktop browsing experience with you on the go.


Special Effects

You want your device to be unique. We do too. The Iris Browser provides a broad range of special effects, including animations and sound effects, letting you to tailor the application to your style. Some of the existing page transitions that you can choose from include slide-in/slide-out, tear away, shatter, swirl, and many more.


Rotating Devices

Now you can get the most out of your hardware. If you’re using a device with a rotating screen, the Iris Browser automatically and seamlessly rotates the contents and reformats the page between landscape and portrait modes.
Advanced Security Features
We want your Web experience to be fun and safe. That’s why the Iris Browser includes a number of advanced security features, including phishing and spoofing protection.