It turns out that Telligent has 2 editor modes in the post editor: Simple and Default.


In an effort to keep things "Simple" they shipped with the editor in Simple mode.  You can change the editor to Default Mode by editing 2 places in the correct file.  The Advanced editor offers more options such as posting Smileys, Flash, Tables, and other options.  I think it was a smart idea to ship with the simple toolbar, as many of these options would be daunting for the "simple" target they are going for.


I found this tip on the MKLAB blog which actually found it from the GCMS support forum:

Using a text editor (like notepad) find the file /graffiti-admin/posts/write/default.aspx and find the element called <GlowEditor:Editor and change the attribute toolbarset from simple to “Default”.

Here is a screen shot of the Default Toolbar on the editor:



Here is a screen shot of the Simple Toolbar on the editor:



Of course we are still in Beta 2, so I am not sure if this change will work in release.


This still works in GCMA version 1.0, and it appears to be case sensitive needing to be "Default" as the value.

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