Ever notice the little icon next to the URL in your browser’s address bar?   That is the site’s favicon, which is meant to be an image to represent the site in your Favorites/Bookmarks.  Be default, Graffiti uses the red/blue spray can logo, but you can replace it with your own image.

There are many sites on the web that will convert your favorite graphic into a proper favicon.ico file, or allow you to create your image by editing pixels to your design.

I used this site to create the favicon for my website.

This is the favicon.ico for this site:

In Graffiti you need to place the favicon.ico file in two locations to ensure that it is displayed properly throughout your site.

  1. The Root folder of your website
  2. The __utilityimg folder off of your root site

The 2nd place is used for the dynamically built pages of your posts since they do not use the root image.

If after your replace the image, and you still see the original image, please be sure to clear your browsers cache as it might not pull the updated file right away.


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