Since I am using Graffiti CMS for this site, which supports extending the site via Widgets and Plug-ins, I thought I post what I am finding out in the community.

Widgets can be thought of modules which add/modify ways to display content on your site.  Think of them like adding a Flickr photo gallery, or a Tag Cloud.

Plug-ins can be thought of adding back end functionality to the site.  Some of them include things like auto-generating a Sitemap as you add content, or pinging blog publishing services.

Extensions are additions that can be enabled through Chalk code to display additional information on your site.

Themes are designs which you can upload to alter the visual look of your site.

I use some of these, but I don’t endorse their quality or usefulness.  I am just trying to add a place to catalog what I find. The GCMS Marketplace is now operational, but I do not think they have started adding alot of the existing modules to be availiable on there yet.

Community Code Projects

Project Notes
CodePlex Graffiti Extras A collection of Widgets, Themes, and Extensions
CodePlex Chalk Extensions A collection of Chalk extensions to enhance your site


Name Type Notes
msFlickr Photos uses the API key to display your flickr photos. Includes Sourcecode project
Flickr Photos Uses tags to display your Flickr photos
Archives Posts Displays post count by month
Picasa Album Photos Display Photos from Picasa Web Album


Name Type Notes
Sitemap Generator SEO Auto generates a Sitemap of your site for use by search engine discovery
Mobile Theme Selector Theme Management Allows you to specify a seperate theme for mobile users
Pingomatic Blog notify Pings popular blog services when you add a new post
RSS Extender Feeds Adds more fields to your RSS feed data
301 Redirector File Redirect CS links to Graffiti pages for migration
Skinny Web network Compresses data over HTTP to speed up web site display
Silverlight Plugin Media Display streaming Silverlight videos in posts
Blog Extensions Blogging Adds pingback/trackback support, GeoRSS support, Auto Ping on update, and seperate Comments RSS feed for GCMS sites
Related Posts in RSS RSS Adds a list of Related Posts to your RSS feed for posts
Notify Twitter on New Post Twitter When you add a new post, it will notify your followers on Twitter


Name Type Notes
Community Reactions trackback Adds a list of discovered sites which link to the post automatically.
Post Navigation Navigation Adds navigation options to posts
Search Relevancy Search Shows other posts which may match the search terms from search engines
Technorati Trackbacks trackback Display trackbacks from Technorati with the post


Graffiti Extras Themes

Rich Mercer’s Themes

Dave Stokes’ Themes and his Theme Files

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