A few years ago Stacy and I were planning our wedding, and one of the tasks was to find a good photographer who we liked, and who had an opening for our wedding date.  Stacy did all of the leg work I have to say, and narrowed it down to a few prospects and setup some face to face meetings to see how they fit our hopes for photographs for that special day.

So we made meeting time to meet with Jessica, of Jessica Quist Photography, up in Milwaukee to review her portfolio of past weddings she shot for, and to get a feel for if she was the right one for the occasion.  After meeting in a small cafe with her for only a few minutes, and reviewing her work, Stacy and I decided to book her on the spot for fear of missing out on her availability.  We canceled all our other meetings with prospects, and felt we made the right choice in a photographer, and also in meeting a really interesting person as a bonus.

Our wedding day came, and Jessica was an excellent photographer.  We both felt the images she captured were timeless for our memories, and the wedding album she put together was absolutely perfect.  So much so,  when Stacy’s younger sister would plan her wedding years later, the one thing she knew was that she absolutely wanted to hire Jessica to shoot her wedding.

The reason I post this now is that it seems Jessica is getting some great publicity, and was recently in the spotlight on TV.  You can view her interview with The Morning Blend, where she explains how she goes about shooting the bride and groom’s day, and tries to capture it as it happens.  So if you are planning a wedding, or other occasion I would definitely give her a call and see if you can book her, as I know she is going to be in even greater demand since this aired!


Watch Jessica Quist on The Morning Blend


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