The more time I spend with Graffiti, the more I am impressed with this product for a CMS platform.  Keyvan Nayyeri has started a project on CodePlex where he has already released some really useful plugins.   I think what makes me interested about thie platform is the potential in the community to really extend the product.   Telligent thought wisely in building in the framework to develop the features users want, and allow them the ability to do it.

So in Keyvan’s release, he has provided:





  • Google Sitemap plug-in – Auto generates a SiteMap.xml to communicate your website layout to search engines. 
  • Mobile Theme Selector plug-in – Define a specific theme for mobile clients that is optimized for mobile browsers
  • Pingomatic plug-in – Notifies the Pingomatic service to ping various websites that a new item has been posted
  • RSS Extender plug-in – Adds the author property to the RSS feeds
  • Community Reactions extension – My favorite plugin, which a searches for links to the post on sites such as Technorati to display with the post
  • Post Navigator extension
  • Search Relevancy extension
  • Underground theme
  • Windows Mobile theme – A nice clean theme designed for mobile browsers

    Installation was as simple as uploading the DLL, and enabling the desired plugins in the Site Options.   Some minor Chalk code tweaks enabled the Community reactions features

    Overall, I am impressed with Graffiti, and impressed with how quickly Keyvan has added some great additions to the platform.

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