Here is a photo guide to using the Zune80 in the v1 Dock. Since the v2 dock came out which supports the Zune30/80/8/4 via removable face plates, the v1 dock has been on clearance (Originally $99, now $25!) at places like  So since we had 2 Zune30’s in the family, and love having the Zune hooked up to the living room TV for media enjoyment, I thought it was a good idea to  pick up another one for the TV upstairs.


Shortly after it arrived, I ended up picking up a Zune80, which of course does NOT fit in the v1 Dock, since the dock connector on the Zune is in a different location than on the z30.   I thought I would have to take apart the dock, maybe file down some plastic, but thanks to a poster on forums, it is actually much simpler!

It appears Microsoft made it simple to remove the top faceplate, which gives more than enough room to dock all v1 and v2 Zunes in the v1 Dock!   You do not get the component out ability of the v2 dock, but it also means you don’t need to throw away the dock to use it with a v2 which for me with 2 of them was great.  Without the faceplate, it also doesn’t support the Zune snugly when you put it in and out of the dock, so you just need to be careful when docking it.  I wonder if Microsoft intended on just releasing a new faceplate when the v2 Zunes would be released, but with the Zune80’s higher video out capabilities, decided on providing component out as well.


The Zune Wireless Remote works just fine with the Zune80, and for me was the reason why I had hoped the Zune80 would work in the dock.


Here are some simple instructions for taking off the faceplate to allow it to be used by all Zunes:


DSC04149 The v1 Dock, Zune30, Zune80, and small flathead screwdriver
DSC04150 The v1 Dock (with lots of fingerprints apparently!)
DSC04155 The Zune30 and Zune80 Dock connector sides. You can see the placement is different on each, which explains why it does not work with faceplate intact.
 DSC04156 The top faceplate is held in place by a hook, and a little spring loaded button in the remote compartment
 DSC04159 1 – Press in the button in the remote compartment on the dock with the screwdriver
 DSC04160 2 – Gently lift up the faceplate by lifting from the back up to disengage the front hook
 DSC04164 The v1 dock without the top faceplate.  You can see now there is more room in back to accommodate the difference in the dock connector on the Zune80
DSC04166 Now you can dock the Zune80 in the v1 Dock!
DSC04165 The Zune30 still works just fine without the faceplate as well.



 Adam Krebs of ZuneThoughts has posted a Video showing the same procedure. You can view his post here.

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