I had called my wife on the way home from work today, where she happened to be getting the mail on her way up the driveway.  She said a package was shoved in our mailbox, and asked if I had been expecting anything since it was really jammed in there.

Since I had no idea wht it could be I told her to open it up when she got into the house.  As shre tore open the package she gasped “You’re going to love this!”, and proceeded to tell me that a “bag” had arrived for me.

What kind of bag?  A Windows Live Messenger of course!

It was a token of appreciation for the Beta testing of Windows Live Messenger.    It actually is a very nice bag, and will accomodate a laptop and some books with ease.  The reflective tape is a bit “eh”, but I guess safety is important.

Hmm…I still have my “Whistler” (Windows XP) Golf Umbrella somewhere too…

Thanks Microsoft! 🙂