I recently acquired a new Windows Mobile Smartphone, and I have to say it is a breath of fresh air from the phones I have been using.  I have used everything from palm based phones, Blackberries, to device specific OS (Samsung, LG, Motorola,etc.) and I find the Windows Mobile platform the msot versatile.

Anyway,  I’m using a Pantech PN-820 which runs Windows Smartphone, and is of a clamshell/flip phone design.  Unfortunately due to the fact the company I work for uses Lotus Notes (oh the horror!), getting a full fledge Pocket PC phone would leave alot of functionality unused, so a Smartphone based is a good compromise.

All over the Palm Treo boards at TreoCentral.com, there is much joy over the Palm Threaded SMS app that shipped with the Palm Treo 750v.  Unfortunately this was not back ported to the earlier Treo models, but someone exported it for the community to use. Also, unfortunately, it was pulled due to intellectual property rights, and is now considered only to come with the Palm.

My experience with this app was that it was not suited for the SmartPhone OS since it did not allow to use the CLEAR key as a backspace when texting. This makes sense since the app was written for the Pocket PC platform which would have a dedicated backspace key.  Installing it also presented problems with MMS clients (Verizon is using an MMS client from Teleca) since it replaces those clients for MMS.  The benefit of this client is that it was integrated into the OS so it used all of the features such as notifcations and sound schemes.

So here are some other freeware Threaded/Chat SMS clients which can be used on the WinMo platform:


Overall this was a nice interface, but it has some drawbacks.  First off,  it seems that every message I sent with the client went out with High Importance which was annoying to those I was texting with.

It also does not interface with the built in SMS client, so message counts do not appear on the Home screen, or utilize the built in notification sounds.  It has it’s own settings for this, and a message fall through mode which will display the message in the notifications, but it appears as a duplicate.

This client requries the .NET CF 2.0, which I tend to like from a development platform.

Unfortunately the High importance issue was a deal breaker for me.


Another Add On client which adds some nice features like sending SMS to groups, exporting Chat history, etc.

I’m still playing with this one, so I’ll post more thoughts on this later on.

It seems very well thought out for multiple conversations though.

SMSthreaderSMS Threader

I have found a v1.22 for PocketPC, and a settings page..

Version 1.02 for SmartPhone is here

I have yet to install this one.