White Zune Logo and 30gb Player
White Zune Logo and 30gb Player

As I play with the Zune, I have to say I love the experience.  Even in the v1.0 product you can see the long term plan starting to emerge, and I think it will be exciting to see what revisions come after these.  I believe the community and framework features will really set it apart from the simple Ipod platform.

Overall I have been satisfied about the feature set of the product, but I figured I’d post some of my annoyances and suggestions of what should be added in the future versions.

Zune Player:

  1. Ability to turn off video screen when playing videos – It sounds backwards, but I download a lot of video casts that are just people sitting and speaking. I’m not really looking at the screen, but listening the audio, so if I could turn off the video display during playback it would save battery
  2. Add Bookmark support for video/audio – I may watch media, then switch to another media midstream, and then when I return my original playing, I want to be able to resume where I was last.  There is a resume feature, but it seems hit or miss when it is available
  3. Add a sleep timer – since I listen to audio at night going to sleep, and the player will be on all night if I fall asleep
  4. Add Progress bar to Video Info – When playing a video  and I hit the center button I want to see the progress bar of the current playing video.  Currently it seems I have to nudge it back or forward to see where I am on the progress bar
  5. Flag for delete – There is a lot of disposable media out there such as Podcasts and mediacasts (zCasts?) that I only listen/watch once while I’m away from the PC.  It would be nice to have the player know I want to delete it from my library since I already watched it instead of having to clean it up later.   Yes I can flag it for review when I re-connect and manually delete, but it would be nice to automate that
  6. Don’t let me send music I am not allowed to send – If I am not allowed to send music due to DRM, don’t let me even send it (Tell me, or remove the send function for that track).  Currently it seems I can attempt to send it, but then it tells the sender and a receiver that I was unable to send it due to media restrictions.  I don’t want to bother someone if they can’t receive it

Zune Desktop Software:

  1. Have the Xbox 360 playing count towards play count – If it’s an integrated experience, I’d like to keep track of those stats since it is a shared library
  2. Add Advanced Edit to the Zune software for metadata – It seems the only way to edit these to add columns to the display then edit the columns. I miss the advance edit of WMP11
  3. Add the mini-player to the Windows taskbar – The WMP11 has it, and I use it all the time instead of having to open the full interface
  4. Integrated Mediacast/Podcast Support –  I am still surprised WMP11 doesn’t have this either, as I think it’s a very common requirement.  In the meantime a 3rd party has stepped up and added an add-on for the Zune software to manage mediacasts.  Check out Feed Your Zune
  5. Vista Support – Yeah Vista is not availiable to the general public, but many people out there already have Vista RTM on their machines at home and work from being in volume license programs (I got a free copy from being in the Techbeta!).  I have to dualboot just to use the Zune which is a bit of an annoyance.  There is an MSI hack out that will get it to run on Vista, but I really think a Vista version is almost upon us that it is not even worth it


  • How much “wiggle room” do the buttons have on your Zune? My black Zune has more play (and a bit of squeak) than my wife’s brand new white Zune.  I’m not sure if it’s always been that way, or if after use it just loosened up a bit.  I posted about it on ZuneGuy.com who was going to check with the manufacturing side to see if any issues have been reported.  I could just be really picky.
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