On the way home last night I had spoken to my wife on the phone who said she had a surprise for me, and would give it to me later that evening.   I really had no idea what it might be, but Stacy always comes up with great things that she knows I would like, so I was curious on what it could be.  Upon arriving home, she made me guess what it was…

J:”Can I wear it?”


J:”Can I wear it on my head?”

S:”Yeah, but you would look kind of funny.”

J:”Can I eat it?”


J:”Would it be bad if I got it wet?”

S:”Very, Very, Very bad!”

This went on a for a few minutes, when I finally asked “Is it a Zune?”, to which the answer was Yes!

She had ordered it pre-order on Amazon, and it had just arrived today (the day after release!).  I believe knowing who she married, she knew I couldn’t wait until christmas, so she wanted to give it to me today!

The funny thing is,  I was planning on getting her one before even thinking about getting me one!   I had gone to Target the previous night and picked up a few brochures to leave around the house to casually find out if she would prefer a brown/black/white model (She got me a black one!), and then plan on surprising HER with one.   She beat me to the punch, but I suppose that is a good thing!

Anyway,  I will post some of my thoughts on owning a Zune later, but overall I am very impressed.  I am excited to run into someone who has one of these to try out the community features, but I am sure it will take awhile before these hit mass market and that will happen.  The video quality is surprisingly very good on the device, and the software is really a breeze.  I suppose since I was using WMP11 anyway, it’s not much a change.  It also has a better “feel” than the Rio Carbon, and the Ipod Mini I have owned.

Thanks my love, for a great surprise that I never saw coming!

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