I came across an old post on Brian Puhl’s blog, going over the importance of having certain FSMO roles online, and their impact to the forest.  I like his question of “If you could only seize one, which one and why?” if all the roles were down in a domain.  I am a bit surprised that the answer of “PDCE” is not an automatic response to this, but maybe the FSMO roles are not quite understood by all.  So his breakdown of the roles and why they are important to a domain is pretty clear cut and should definitely be repeated for those who are unsure.

Trivia Blurb found in comments on the blog entry:

Q: What did FSMO originally stand for, before it was “Flexible Single Master Operations”?

A: Floating Single Master Operations

Also for the follow up post about check out TIme Services when transfering the PDCE