I figured I’d post some Identity Lifecycle Manager community related sites other than MS’s own.   I had attended one of NetPro’s RoadShow event today where I had mentioned the community as one of the strong points for MIIS/ILM.   Much of what  I have learned (and hopefully shared) have come from these sites, so maybe it would be good to keep a running list here.   I would recommend visiting these sites, and possibly subscribe to their RSS feeds.


  • MIIS Experts (their RSS feed does not seem to be up to date, so visit site)
  • Yahoo MMS User Group (For those that may not know, MMS was a previous name of ILM)


  • Alex Tcherniakhovski – Identity Managementsite/rss
  • 1dent1ty cHa0ssite/rss
  • Identity Trench – site/rss
  • Identity Undergroundsite/rss
  • IDM Centersite/rss
  • Jackson’s Identity Management & Active Directory Reality Tour Travelblog site/rss
  • JefTek.comsite/rss
  • Microsoft IDMsite/rss
  • miismiis – site/rss
  • puttyq.com – site/rss
  • Tomek’s DS Worldsite/rss

If you stumble upon this entry and know of other sites you feel the MIIS/ILM community would find useful please drop me a comment or message me so I can add it to the list.


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