So today I was at home working on some stuff over VPN when I noticed the mention of Live Earth on some of the blogs I frequent.

Essentially it a world wide concert held in several locations around the world (US, Japan, Germany, UK, Brazil, etc.) with the message about trying to spread the awareness of climate control to the masses.

You can find information here: MSN LiveEarth

The awesome part was the ability to watch the concerts Live, and flip channels through the other live video from around the world (or recorded video after it was over).  I have to say I found the concert very entertaining to listen to while working, and was blown away by using the technology to experience such an event around the world.

It reminds me of events such as Live AID, Farm AID, and the Moscow Music Peace Festival I grew up hearing about, but not really experiencing.  Though I remember taping (watch out RIAA!) the MMPF off of the Radio to listen too.

Music seems to be the route to our emotions, so I think this whole concert was a great way to impact the thoughts of people and how they relate to the world.  The world grows smaller with the technological advances we make, and I was glad to see it used to attempt to unite people for a good cause.

I feel a bit old as I don’t recognize many of the bands playing or the artists, but it was a great exposure to which I went on and added some more interesting music to my collection. (another reason I like Subscription services BTW)